Nils Söderman
Technical Animator

Altiia and the trial islands

Be ready to embark on a journey filled with exploration and challenges. In this game you play as Altiia, a feisty creature named after her passion for high altitudes. On the hunt for treasures and adventure, she has discovered a cluster of islands which have ruins and temples scattered all around. Your journey begins as she has found a way inside a temple where an adaptable staff resides inside. This staff can be extended at command which can allow her to pole vault with finesse. However, the staff is missing a vital piece which may be hidden on one of the other islands.

This was a student project made at Future Games during the course of 7 weeks and we were a team of 10 people. The goal was to create a sandbox game with customization, while keeping audience awareness in mind. During this project I was mainly responsible for the animation, rigging as well as set-dressing some parts the world.


Video Clips

Unity animation tree
This is the animation tree for the character movement set. (Everything with the prefix "B_" is a blendtree)

Additive animation tree for eyes

The eyes were animated on an additive animation layer. It'll always loop an eye dart animation, and then play a blink on a random interval between 2-10 sec.

Maya rig

Maya Character Rig
  • IK legs
  • Footroll
  • IK/FK blend for the arms
  • Face rig
  • Fingers
  • MotionBuilder support
  • Animation export script
The character model was made by Linn Pennanen.
And the character concepts were made by Marie Sommerdahl.